The project started from the village called Kaniyapatta and would then spread out in to the rest of the regions. It is undertaken with the support of the villagers, students, parents, teachers and civic associations. This project would bring in a revolutionary change - a change brought about by more people discovering their true potential.

Leadership Village is based on two simple concepts:

Leadership Libraries: Is essentially a small village library of leadership and motivational books, gathered from across the world through book collection drives and donations. But the real concept revolves around weekend discussions, where the village youth gather and one person narrates the learning from a book that he has read. That way, every week, someone or a team of two or three people would have read a book and would have passed on the knowledge to several others.

Living Libraries: Monthly meetings, where experts from various realms are invited to the village to have dialogues and conversations. These experts share with the villagers their initial struggles and how they surmounted them. These are again expected to expand the villager's horizons.

You could associate with the 'Leadership Village' in several ways:

- By undertaking book collection drives - of old or new motivational and inspirational books and donating it for the village.

- Sponsorship of materials used - laptops, Internet data cards, distributional CDs, educational material etc.

- Being part of the community development team - who would work at the grass-roots helping the village and the individuals